Gundam Info Renews the Streaming of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered

Gundam Info has provided an intriguing update for fans of the legendary brand. GUNDAM.INFO's streaming calendar has been updated with the most recent schedule information for Gundam series titles. This update is especially exciting for fans who are looking forward to the return of a favorite series in its HD remastered form. This is also to commemorate the SEED series' lasting appeal and the extraordinarily successful first month screening of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom film, which sold around 2.07 million tickets and earned 3.48 billion yen as of February 26th.

To ensure that fans don't miss out on any streaming, Gundam Info has made copies of the streaming calendar available for Google Calendar and iPhone. This means that, regardless of your device, you can keep up with all of the Gundam streaming events. Fans are invited to choose the calendar that works best for their device to capture every minute of the Gundam universe.

The centerpiece of this update is the launch of streaming for MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED HD REMASTER on March 1st. This allows fans to revisit the meticulously updated version of this iconic series, providing a new perspective on its epic story and beautiful animation.

However, new beginnings often lead to endings. SD Gundam World Heroes will be available for streaming till March 31st. Fans who have yet to complete watching this title are reminded to do so before it is removed from the streaming list.

Set in the Cosmic Era (C.E.) era, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED HD REMASTER transports us to a universe where tensions between the PLANT space colonies and the Earth Alliance have reached a boiling point. Following a devastating attack on the Junius Seven agricultural plant, the story picks up a year later, in C.E. 71 focuses on Kira Yamato, a teenage Coordinator who lives a serene life in Heliopolis, a neutral colony.

The peace is disrupted as the colony becomes a battlefield. Kira is caught up in a dispute involving his boyhood friend Athrun Zala and a prototype mobile suit known as the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. As Kira takes command of the Strike Gundam, he and Athrun find themselves on opposing sides of a conflict that reveals a darker, more evil scheme.

The resumption of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED HD REMASTER streaming on the Gundam Info official YouTube channel demonstrates the Gundam series' long-lasting appeal and significance. The Gundam universe continues to attract audiences throughout the world, thanks to its rich storytelling, fascinating characters, and mesmerizing mecha designs.

Fans old and new are encouraged to experience the drama, action, and intrigue of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED HD REMASTER. Whether you're revisiting the series or finding it for the first time, March promises to be a month full of epic Gundam battles and heartbreaking stories. Don't pass up the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most beloved stories in the Gundam saga.

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