Gundam Breaker 4 to Launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and Steam: Ultimate Gunpla Battles Await!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has officially confirmed the development of Gundam Breaker 4, reigniting excitement among mecha fans and gamers alike. This latest entry in the popular Gundam Breaker series offers an unprecedented experience in building, customizing, and battling with Gunpla (Gundam plastic models), which is now augmented by the power of Unreal Engine technology. With the news, the anticipation for its release has skyrocketed, as fans eagerly await the most immersive Gunpla battlefield ever created.

Break, Build, & Battle Like Never Before

Gundam Breaker 4 elevates the series to new heights, offering players the chance to dive into a vast ocean of customization options. The game boasts an extensive collection of kits, allowing players to assemble their personal Gunpla with unparalleled depth in customization. Whether you're a seasoned builder or new to the world of Gunpla, the game provides an accessible yet deep system to create your ultimate mech. The implementation of Unreal Engine technology ensures that every detail, from the texture of the plastic to the dynamic lighting of the battles, is rendered with stunning realism and fluidity.

High-Octane Combat on PS5

A major highlight of the game's teaser is the gameplay reveal on PlayStation 5, which shows action-packed combat with a high frame rate and stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine. The combat system has been updated to provide a more complex and fast-paced experience, putting players' builds to the test against fearsome adversaries. With the ability to wield two distinct weapons at once, players can unleash creative combos, deconstruct their opponents, and claim components for their own collection.

Game Features: A Rich Gaming Experience.

Gundam Breaker 4 has both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing up to two more players to join the fight. This feature ensures that both lone players and groups may fully enjoy the game, whether they're fighting epic battles or working together to complete difficult assignments.


Gundam Breaker 4's key feature is the ability to manufacture and customize Gunpla. With a wide range of parts and customization options at your disposal, you may create a mech that reflects your unique style and battle preferences. This level of personalization extends to the battlefield, where your designs will be tested.


Combat innovation enables players to utilize two weapons at the same time, providing a dynamic approach to engaging foes. By breaking off pieces of your opponents, you can add to your collection and improve your Gunpla, changing the tide of battle in your favor.


The inclusion of a new Diorama mode allows players to display their Gunpla creations in amazing detail. This element exemplifies the game's emphasis on both creativity and battle, allowing builders to proudly display their creations.

Coming to Multiple Platforms in 2024.

Gundam Breaker 4 will be released in 2024 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam platforms. This widespread platform availability means that a large number of gamers may enjoy the thrill of Gunpla combat.
Theme song by Back-On

The trailer includes the exciting theme song "ReBreak," performed by BACK-ON and Anna Suzuki. BACK-ON, known for their work on the Gundam Build Fighters anime series, contributes their unique music to the game, bringing an added element of excitement and nostalgia for fans.

PRICING - Please see the information above for pre-order bonuses and edition features.

Gundam Breaker 4 Standard Edition - $59.99 USD
Gundam Breaker 4 Collector's Edition - $89.99 USD

Powered by Unreal Engine.

The use of Unreal Engine technology transforms Gundam Breaker 4, laying the groundwork for the game's spectacular visuals and dynamic action. This improved engine allows for more detailed surroundings, more realistic textures, and better animations, guaranteeing that every battle and moment of personalization is both visually stunning and technically remarkable.

With its deep customization options, exhilarating combat, and wide platform availability, Gundam Breaker 4 is poised to be a landmark title in the world of video games and mecha. The integration of Unreal Engine technology only adds to the game's appeal, promising an experience that is not only immersive but also cutting-edge. Whether you're a seasoned Gundam fan or new to the series, this game promises an unforgettable adventure in the art of Gunpla warfare. Prepare to break, build, and battle like never before in 2024.


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