RG 1/144 Akatsuki Gundam (Oowashi Pack) - Release Info

RG 1/144 Akatsuki Gundam (Oowashi Pack)
Release Date: December 2024
Price: 8,800 Yen

Bandai Spirits' highly anticipated Real Grade (RG) 1/144 scale Akatsuki Gundam (Oowashi Pack) will captivate both Gundam fans and collectors. This latest addition to the Gundam universe, set to be released in December 2024, will cost 8,800 Yen and promises an unparalleled model-building experience.

*Compatible with HGCE Zeus Silhouette (needs separate parts from P-Bandai RG Akatsuki Gundam's Shiranui pack.)

*UPDATE: Bandai Spirits announced and updated the Bandai Hobby RG Oowashi Akatsuki listing description, stating that a sold separately Shiranui pack will be available through Premium Bandai at a later date.

It will come with separate part(s) to equip the Zeus Silhouette on the RG Akatsuki Gundam.

The kit uses SOME of the frame parts of RG #03 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam

Bandai Spirits has gone above and above to incorporate magnificent gold plating into this kit, precisely mirroring the Akatsuki Gundam's iconic appearance in the anime. This remarkable detailing not only adds to its visual attractiveness, but it also properly recreates the grand aura of the Akatsuki Gundam as seen on screen.

The Oowashi's nose, hatch, and beam cannon are completely deployable. Both wings are meant to be flexible, allowing for dynamic poses whether linked to the main body or in flight. 

This model incorporates some of the frame pieces from the RG Strike Gundam, resulting in similar action and movement. The shoulders include a pull-out mechanism to increase their range of motion, and the hip joints can open wide for bold and dynamic poses. 

The torso incorporates a swing gimmick, while the armor on the arms and legs has a sliding gimmick. These characteristics enable the model to move freely in response to the posture. Furthermore, the verniers on the tops of the shoulders and sides of the legs are equipped with moveable gimmicks, increasing their versatility.

As with other Real Grade models, realistic decals are included to precisely represent the markings on the Gundam's complete body. 

*This model also works with the separately marketed "HG 1/144 Destiny Gundam Spec II & Zeus Silhouette," which allows the Zeus Silhouette to be added. To attach the Zeus Silhouette, you will need the "Zeus Silhouette Connection Parts" from the "RG 1/144 Akatsuki Gundam Shiranui Pack" (sold separately), which will be available for purchase at Premium Bandai at a later date.


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  1. Replies
    1. Or included another Akatsuki Gundam with it. Price higher and sell it again xD

  2. I literally predicted this coming out a month ago, big W wanted this!

  3. Normal release? Interesting. Not a MG but this is a win in my book. I think I'll just scratch off MG Akatsuki off my bucket list.

  4. To be honest, this kind of finish, even though it's accurate to the anime, it looks cheap. Maybe I just love the gold in mg hyaku shiki v2 too much

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