HG 1/144 Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A - Release Info

HGCE 1/144 Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A
Release Date: October 2024
Price: 4,070 Yen

Bandai Spirits unveiled the latest addition to their Gundam model kit line-up at the 62nd Shizuoka Hobby Show: the HG 1/144 Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A. This new model kit is inspired by the formidable mobile suit featured in the animated film "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom," and is named "Cal-re.A," possibly referring to the mythical Garuda, a powerful deity in Hindu mythology known as Vishnu's mount.

What distinguishes this model is the SEED Action System, which improves the model's poseability and durability, allowing for a more dynamic display and interaction. This technology ensures that the Cal-re.A not only appears intimidating on display, but also can maintain a variety of dynamic stances with ease.

Adding to the seed action appeal, this kit also features color separation on its white and gold armor pieces.

The NOG-M2D1/E Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A demonstrates the Kingdom of Foundation's technological strength, using sophisticated ZAFT technology to create a high-performance mobile suit with superior combat effectiveness. One of the model's most notable aspects is the usage of Femto Technology Armor, which gives outstanding protection against beam weapons, demonstrating the Gundam series' signature blend of mythology and futuristic technology.

Orphee Lam Tao and Ingrid Tradoll co-pilot the Cal-re.A, which has a two-seat tandem cockpit. This unique configuration places the pilot at the front, while the rear gunner commands the powerful array of armaments, making it a formidable force in any fighting scenario.

Visually and mechanically, the Cal-re.A is heavily inspired by the classic ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam. It not only mirrors but significantly improves the Strike Freedom's capabilities, giving Gundam fans a new viewpoint on a beloved design. This relationship expands the mythos of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom," adding depth and mystery to the story.


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  1. Ok, I'm betting that THIS is the kit Bandai drops the ball when it comes to the looks department.

    Many of the past kits were perfectly displayable right out of the box without the included stickers... but I really doubt that will be the case for this one.

    1. Really just ignored the images that show that the gold plastic is fully color separated on this kit.

    2. @LG
      when they posted that comment those images were not added to this article

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