LINKL Planet Reviews the HG 1/144 Destroy Gundam

The Destroy Gundam, a behemoth in the lore of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, is celebrated for its massive size and formidable capabilities. Its transition into the HGCE 1/144 GunPla series has been a topic of immense anticipation and speculation among the GunPla community. The kit promises to bring the colossal power and intricate design of the Destroy Gundam into the hands of fans and modelers, providing an unmatched building experience.

LINKL PLANET, or Rinpla for short, has taken the lead in introducing this significant kit to the public. As the PLAMO GIRL PROJECT's new faces, their commitment extends beyond mere promotion; they reflect the spirit of innovation and the enjoyment of model making. Their initial review of the Destroy Gundam kit demonstrates their dedication to spreading the joy of GunPla to a larger audience.

The review, which appears on the official LINKL Planet YouTube channel, provides an in-depth look at what this new kit has to offer. It shows off the beautiful box art for the first time, a visual feast that embodies the essence of the Destroy Gundam's power. The unboxing reveals the runners in great detail, showcasing the parts and pieces that make up this giant. The video also demonstrates the kit's transformation capabilities, a feature that adds dynamic versatility to the model's display potential, and the installation of the included beam effects.

The size comparison with the HGCE 1/144 Rising Freedom Gundam is likely one of the review's highlights. This comparison not only highlights the Destroy Gundam's incredible size, but also places it inside the Cosmic Era universe, giving fans a real sense of scale and excitement.


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  1. Destroy Gundam is going to be awesome but the shipping cost is also going to be high. 😅

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