MGSD Wing Gundam Zero EW - Release Info

MGSD Wing Gundam Zero EW
Release Date: November 2024
Price: 4,950 Yen

At the 62nd Shizuoka Hobby Show, Bandai Spirits unveiled the Master Grade SD (MGSD) Wing Gundam Zero EW, the latest entry in this newborn GunPla series. This new model kit, which draws inspiration from the "Glory of Losers" rendition, promises to captivate Gundam fans with its innovative design and transformative capabilities.

"New dimension wings" that surpass the conventional wisdom of SD Gundam! Introducing "Wing Gundam Zero EW" from the SD high-end brand "MGSD"! The main wings of the "Wing Binder," which combine mobility and beauty, can be deployed to expose the silver parts inside and the clear parts with "reflection cut." When the upper wings of the secondary wings are pulled up, the lower wings are linked and deployed in tandem. By making full use of the mobility of the "Wing Binder," it is possible to recreate the atmospheric entry pose.

The first transformable mechanism in the MGSD series has also been added, allowing for the creation of two "Neo Bird forms": "Outer Atmospheric Mode" with the major wings folded, and "Atmospheric Mode" with the main wings deployed. Each armor element comes with a deployment gimmick. In addition to deploying the unit on the side of the head, raising the upper half of the shoulder armor causes the lower armor to link and deploy, exposing the silver parts inside. The base of the front skirt unfolds forward, allowing the skirt and legs to move freely.

In addition to the transformation gimmick, the "Twin Buster Rifle" includes a barrel extension gimmick and a joint deployment gimmick that attaches to the arm to improve gripping strength. MGSD's unique frame structure replicates the internal frame in SD format. 

The internal frame is the product's central component, allowing for smooth movement. Camera information is provided in a twofold structure. Layering the complex interior sections and clear parts results in a realistic multi-layered structure.


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  1. This line is the new MG xD. Sadly there're no MG announcements this time. Crying for my friend who loves collecting MG LOL

    1. I'll cry until they release another MG! got your back there brother.

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