Gundam GWX 30th Anniversary Project Announced

Celebrating 30 Years with New Story Content and Illustrative Tribute

This year commemorates the 30th anniversary of "Mobile Fighter G Gundam," and the "Gundam GWX 30th Anniversary Project" has been created to commemorate this milestone with exciting new content for fans. 

This project remembers the three huge Gundam anime titles that marked the 1990s: "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" (1994), "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" (1995), and "After War Gundam X" (1996), collectively known as GWX.

A notable feature of the event is the newly released image, which clearly depicts renowned characters such as Domon, Rain, and Master Asia. Set against the magnificent dawn glow—a common setting in the "G Gundam" series—the artwork, created by famed animator Shinpei Sawa, offers as a visual feast for viewers.

To add to the celebration, Yasuhiro Imagawa, the original series' general director, plans to expand the "G Gundam" universe with a new side story. This narrative will be delivered in the form of scenario novels, which will be available on the official Gundam website beginning in summer 2024. These novels, which were first announced during the "Gundam Series 45th Anniversary Special Broadcast," will continue the stories of beloved characters while also introducing new characters.

The GWX 30th Anniversary Project has also released a special commemorative illustration featuring the three main protagonists from the series celebrated under the GWX banner: Domon Kasshu from "Mobile Fighter G Gundam," Heero Yuy from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing," and Garrod Ran from "After War Gundam X." In this celebratory artwork, the characters are depicted in tuxedos, symbolizing a festive tribute to the anniversary of these influential anime titles. This illustration adds a unique and formal touch to the celebrations, highlighting the importance and elegance of the occasion.

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