MSA-003NM Nemo Bellator

The MSA-003NM Nemo Bellator, which debuted in the Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE game, represents a substantial advancement in mobile suit technology. The Bellator, derived from the Latin word for "warrior," lives up to its name with a powerful combination of improvements designed specifically for space battle.

Developed in the latter stages of the Gryps Conflict, the Nemo Bellator was designed to strengthen the AEUG faction's military capabilities in response to the Titans' growing threat. Based on the MSA-003 Nemo, which is well-known for its intercepting skills, this model was created in combination with a high-maneuver ace standard.

One of its most noticeable characteristics is the use of primary vernier binders inspired by the MSA-099 Rick Dias, which considerably improves the suit's agility and attitude control in space. The Nemo Bellator, which is equipped with calf thrusters developed from the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, has outstanding stability throughout a wide range of combat conditions.

The Nemo Bellator is combat ready, equipped with a Mega Beam Rifle, a powerful weapon manufactured by Anaheim Electronics that can provide devastating firepower on the battlefield. It also includes a pair of 60mm Vulcan Guns for slowing enemy mobility and Beam Sabers for close-quarters combat.

The Nemo Bellator's protection features a Shield with an anti-beam coating and a dynamic design that allows for both defensive and offensive motions. Its innovative Booster Binders enhance its mobility, allowing for quick and precise turns during combat operations.

As the Gryps Conflict progresses, the MSA-003NM Nemo Bellator emerges as a capable combatant who personifies the AEUG faction's spirit of innovation and adaptation. With its plethora of upgrades and strong weapons, it is prepared to confront any challenge on the battlefield, guaranteeing that the Nemo's legacy continues to evolve in the continuous war for peace and freedom.


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