METAL BUILD Gundam Dynames Saga - Release Info

METAL BUILD Gundam Dynames Saga
Release Date: September 2024
Price: 37,400 Yen

Lockon Stratos (Neil), may be long gone, but his memory lives on in the Gundam Dynames. This well-known mobile suit, previously piloted by Neil Dylandy (Lockon Stratos), has been resurrected and transformed into Gundam Dynames Saga, presenting fans with a thrilling new chapter in its storied history and an addition to the Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Revealed Chronicles CG anime collection.

The new Gundam Dynames is a wonder of modern engineering, boasting an astounding arsenal of gun weapons that perfectly integrate into the Cherudim Gundam Saga. This diverse arsenal enables the Dynames to adapt to a variety of war circumstances, ensuring their dominance on every battlefield.

Fans may now get their hands on the much-anticipated repair equipment for the Gundam Dynames. Previously exclusive to the METAL BUILD Gundam Dynames & Devise Dynames, this set includes a beautifully crafted shield made with clear parts, showcasing a level of detail and texture unique to finished products.

The Gundam Dynames Saga comes with a treasure trove of accessories, ensuring you have everything needed to recreate your favorite scenes or invent new ones. Included in the package are:
  • Four types of replacement wrists for both left and right hands
  • Repair replacement shield set
  • Rear skirt
  • GN condenser
  • GN assault carbine
  • GN submachine gun
  • GN small shield
  • Two GN beam pistols
  • Two GN beam pistols II
  • Two GN beam pistol holders
  • Two GN beam saber grips
  • Two saber blades
  • Knee armor for Astrea II
  • Joint parts set for connecting GN Arms
  • Additional joint parts set
  • Auxiliary support set
  • Dedicated pedestal set


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  1. I loved the Cherudim Saga and the Dynames pull it off even better. I just wish it wasn't 340$, had it been in the mid to upper 200s I would have snagged this 100%

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