Engage Zero Yonghwavin

Upon Pesche Montagne's decision, the Engage Zero Incom-equipped model was entrusted to the Neo Zeon personnel, who, as old friends of her, meticulously analyzed and disassembled the unit.

Similar to the transformation of units such as the Psycho Gundam Mk-II, Gundam Mk-V, and Pale Rider, the Engage Zero, which is now a source of new technology for Neo Zeon, has been redesigned as a new version while retaining its heritage. Through this process, the long-awaited fusion of Psycommu technology derived from the former Principality of Zeon's "Bishop Project" and the development expertise of the Earth Federation Forces' flagship Gundam, which was first envisioned during Engage Zero's inception, has finally been realized.

The Engage Zero Yonghwavin was meticulously constructed to be a vessel equipped with cutting-edge all-range armament and high-performance mobility boosters. Its most prominent feature is the integration of the "Remora Funnel," an upgraded and polished version of the Qubeley's renowned weapons. These Remora units, named after the remora fish, line the mobile suit's waist and are ready to launch deadly all-range attacks when controlled by psycommu. Despite producing output levels comparable to a mega particle cannon using increased energy CAP technology, the Remora Funnel has slightly slower charge and deployment speeds than the Qubeley-type funnel.

Furthermore, the installation of the large thruster assembly known as the Jamru Fin to its back boosts the Engage Zero's natural high maneuverability, ensuring its domination on the battlefield.

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