P-Bandai Orders

P-Bandai Japan Pre-Order Form [Worldwide Shipping from Japan]

We are happy to inform all Gundam enthusiasts that we have partnered with Omocha Japan to bring you Premium Bandai Japan Gundam kits. [Pre-Orders Only]

Omocha Japan has been kind enough to offer their service with a little amount on top of each GunPla you want to order.

Service Fee
600yen Service Fee per item [Price per item is between 1000yen to 2999yen]
1000yen Service Fee per item [Price per item is between 3000yen to 8999yen]
1500yen Service Fee per item [Price per item is between 9000yen and 19999yen]

Please read the FAQ below the order form for more info.

P-Bandai Japan item that cost more than 20,000 Yen will differ depending on size and weight of the product. 

*International Shipping cost will vary depending on each model. Combine multiple kits to save on the shipping cost.

You will be informed by Omocha Japan via e-mail about the estimated international shipping cost after you have completed the form below.

1. When will you ship out the package?
Usually the first week of the following month of the release date. For example, if the expected released date is in March 2019, it will be shipped out the first week of April 2019.

2. Customs and Import Duty
Customers are fully responsible for any custom tax or duty (if they apply)
Please check your local customs office for more information.

3. What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept PayPal and bank transfers (via transferwise.com only)
Paypal transaction fee is 5% + 45 JPY.

4. How much is the domestic shipping?
They are included in the service fee. The customer only pays for the international shipping cost from Japan.

5. How much does the international shipping cost?
After you fill out the pre-order form request, you’ll be provided with the estimated
shipping cost. Currently we can ship via Japan Post and DHL.

6. Shipping methods
Japan Post (SAL, Airmail, EMS, Surface Mail) and DHL.

7. Do you charge for packing/shipping supplies?
They are included in the service fee.

8. Can you consolidate to save on the international shipping cost?
Yes, we can ship multiple kits together. Please let us know in advance.