Gundam's 45th Anniversary Live Stream Unveils Future Projects, Hints New G Gundam Anime

The Gundam franchise celebrated its 45th anniversary with an extraordinary live stream that captivated people all over the world. The event, hosted by Neki Matsuzawa, was a seamless and fascinating trip through Gundam's past, present, and future, highlighting the legendary series' enduring legacy and intriguing possibilities.

The live webcast was blessed by the presence of legends such as Toru Furuya, the voice of Amuro Ray from the original "Mobile Suit Gundam," who provided a sense of nostalgia and a link to the franchise's roots. Tomokazu Seki, known for his role as Domon Kasshu in "Mobile Fighter G Gundam," and Kana Ichinose, who voices Suletta Mercury in the most recent series, "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury," also joined, symbolizing the progression and continuity of Gundam's illustrious history.

Adding to the nostalgia and anticipation was the unveiling of a special visual art piece for the 45th anniversary. This artwork featured the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam, not in pristine condition but battle-worn, with a destroyed shield, set against the backdrop of an eclipse, Edited: which is a reference to the ending scene of the "Encounters in Space" when the RX-78-2's core fighter goes out of view behind the earth. It also happens to coincide with the solar eclipse in April 2024.

This powerful image encapsulated the enduring spirit of Gundam - a saga of conflict, resilience, and hope, always moving forward against the backdrop of an ever-expanding universe.

The unveiling of planned projects was a highlight, providing views into the future of Gundam, which fans eagerly await. The event commemorated G Gundam's 30th anniversary by revealing a commemorative logo, which celebrates the series that has captivated fans since the 1990s. Furthermore, new concept art unveiled a new character, hinting to future stories and adventures in the G Gundam universe.

Adding to the 30th anniversary of G Gundam, there will be a re-release of the series on Blu-ray. The series will be divided into two parts for sale, each costing 37,400 Yen and available from March 27th, 2024. The first part includes episodes 1 to 24, while the second one includes episodes 25~49. Each part will come in a special Blu-ray box decorated with artwork by Kunio Okawara on the storage box, and Hiroki Kanno, Eiji Nakata, Takahiro Kimura and Ken Otsuka on the inner jacket. Additionally, each box set will feature new commentary audio recordings.

NOTE: This release has the same specifications as BCXA-1156 and BCXA-1157 released in 2016.

The presentation of a special 30th-anniversary art piece was very noteworthy. It included a visual art of characters from several series, including "New Report Gundam Wing's" Heero Yuy, "Mobile Fighter G Gundam's" Domon Kasshu, and "After War Gundam X's" Garrod Ran, all dressed in tuxedos.

They also shared a preview image for the "GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE" project, which is part of the build-up to the 45th anniversary of GunPla in 2025.

As the Gundam franchise progresses, the 45th anniversary live stream serves as a reminder of its timeless appeal and capacity to inspire and fascinate fans. With new stories in the works, Gundam remains a foundational force in the world of anime, and its journey is far from complete.

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  1. The earth with the bright spot on it is the ending scene of Meguriai Sora when the 78-2's core fighter goes out of view behind the earth.

    It's not so much about today's eclipse.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I never paid attention to that reference, yet I've been dwelling in the 2024 eclipse from the Haro reveal, to be honest.

      I edited the article for added information.

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