Figure-rise Standard Lunamaria Hawke - Release Info, Box Art and Official Images

Figure-rise Standard Lunamaria Hawke
Release Date: July 2024
Price: 4,180 Yen

The newest Figure-rise Standard series piece immortalizes the vibrant and skilled pilot Lunamaria Hawke from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny series. The much awaited model kit has a variety of characteristics that perfectly depict Lunamaria's persona, bringing her to life in her iconic pilot outfit.

The minute attention to detail in recreating Lunamaria's expressions is what distinguishes this model. The set comes with two kinds of water transfer decal parts and one type of tampo-printed parts so that fans may faithfully recreate her distinctive features and range of in-battle emotions. The cleverly designed helmet visor, which can be removed or adjusted to allow enthusiasts to show Lunamaria in numerous expressive states with or without her helmet, further enhances this variety in expression.

Recognizing the significance of dynamic posability, the model comprises recombinable body pieces composed of soft materials for the inner parts, ensuring that the figure is not only visually realistic but also flexible. This versatility is complimented by eight different types of hand pieces included in the kit, allowing fans to recreate some of the most iconic poses from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY."

The kit comes packed with accessories to ensure that collectors can fully realize Lunamaria's character in model form. These include:

A set of facial expression parts with tampo printing,
Two sets of facial expression parts with water transfer decals for varied expressions,
A detailed helmet that encapsulates the design seen in the anime,
A body part that captures Lunamaria's pilot suit in exquisite detail,
A comprehensive set of hand parts for various poses,
Water slide decals and a sticker seal for additional detailing.

Lunamaria is recognized for her cheerful and charming personality, which attracts others to her. Despite her friendly demeanor, she has a stubborn side and occasionally experiences episodes of jealousy, which she demonstrates after saving Shinn and Stella from an island in the Special Edition. She expresses kindness and support to her friends and family, with special care for her younger sister, Meyrin. Lunamaria is respectful of her superiors, following commands even when they conflict with her personal feelings. The assumed death of her sister reveals a deeper dimension of her personality, displaying her ability to forgive, particularly against Shinn, who was under orders that endangered Meyrin.

Lunamaria is a skilled mobile suit pilot, handling her customized ZAKU Warrior for long-range engagements and exhibiting impressive close-combat abilities with the Impulse Gundam. Interestingly, her marksmanship outside of a mobile suit contrasts significantly with her flying abilities, owing to a habit to twitch her wrist when firing a rifle, reducing her accuracy. Recognizing this issue causes a significant improvement in her shooting abilities. Aside from her combat abilities, Lunamaria is also a skilled gyro helicopter pilot and excels at intelligence work, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability in a variety of settings.


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