HGCE 1/144 Duel Blitz Gundam - Release Info

HGCE 1/144 Duel Blitz Gundam
Release Date: July 2024
Price: 2,970 Yen

Bandai Spirits announced the Duel Blitz Gundam, the latest addition to its High Grade 1/144 GunPla line. This news was made during the highly anticipated Hyper Plamo Fes 2024 event on March 22nd. This new model brings innovation and excitement to the table, displaying a unique blend of design and technology from the popular "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" film.

The Duel Blitz Gundam is an example to the ongoing advancement of Gundam design, marking a major improvement over its predecessor, the Duel Gundam. At the center of this makeover is the incorporation of a nuclear reactor, a significant increase in power and efficiency that promises unrivaled battlefield performance. Furthermore, the Duel Blitz Gundam has a cockpit influenced by the ZAKU Warrior, implying a merger of technology and design ideas from previous generations of Mobile Suit warfare.

Just like in the film, Bandai Spirits has armed the Duel Blitz Gundam with an astounding arsenal of armaments, combining famous Duel Gundam weapons with those reminiscent of the Blitz Gundam. Here's a better look at the intimidating arsenal:

At the heart of the Duel Blitz Gundam's design is the innovative "SEED Action System." This internal structure is engineered specifically to replicate the dynamic and memorable action poses seen throughout the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series." With this system, modelers can recreate a wide array of poses from the series, bringing the Duel Blitz Gundam to life on their shelves.

The Duel Blitz Gundam's articulation is further improved by its hip joint design. The hip joint connecting shafts are independently movable on the left and right sides, as well as sliding up and down. This function allows you to create strong, dramatic positions that capture the excitement of movie battle scenes.

One of the Duel Blitz Gundam's most distinguishing features is its Assault Shroud armor. This layer of protective gear covers the Gundam's whole body and may be completely removed in the model form. This not only shows off the Gundam's elegant design below, but it also enables for display modification and variations.

"Igelstellung" 75mm Multi-Barrel CIWS
The "Igelstellung" CIWS, mounted on the Duel Blitz Gundam's head, is a holdover from the Duel Gundam. This rapid-fire armament system is intended to intercept incoming projectiles, like as missiles, or target light vehicles, giving the Gundam a flexible defense capacity.

Beam Saber
The beam saber, a hallmark of Gundam weapons, provides the Duel Blitz Gundam with a close-combat option capable of cutting through most materials thanks to its concentrated energy blade.

Piercer Lock: "Gleipnir"
This specialized weapon, mounted on the right forearm, is derived from the GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam. The Gleipnir is a rocket-propelled grappling claw that can pierce and capture enemy units before retracting. This feature adds a tactical dimension to the Gundam's combat powers, allowing for both offensive and defensive moves.

"Lancer Dart" Hypervelocity Kinetic Energy Penetrator.
The Lancer Dart, which is mounted on the left forearm, is a dual-purpose weapon that may be used as a projectile or a portable spear. These rocket-propelled shafts are intended to penetrate armor and detonate upon impact, providing a combination of ranged and melee fighting capabilities. Its design is based on the weaponry system of the GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam, highlighting the Duel Blitz Gundam's diverse armament package.

METEOR Unit compatibility (sold separately)

Bandai Spirits has also confirmed that the Duel Blitz Gundam kit is fully compatible with the HG 1/144 METEOR (Mobile Suit Embedded Tactical Enforcer) Unit. This compatibility is a significant reference to the complicated world of "Mobile Suit Gundam" and its expansive lore, allowing fans and model builders to recreate epic moments or design new storylines for their collections.


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