Painted Build: HGUC 1/144 GM Ground Type

MODIFICATION TYPE: painted build, custom decals
KIT USED: HGUC 1/144 GM Ground Type

Here's a quick straight build of the HGUC GM Ground Type from the Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team series!

I am really glad that Bandai have finally released this amazing grunt unit! Even though I was looking forward on seeing more equipment in this kit I am quite happy and contented about it. Well, premium Bandai's HGUC GM Sniper I from 08th MS Team will be released in June that comes with the variety of weapons I am looking forward to see in this regular release kit, I am taking extra pennies to put on that one!

I really like the colors of this GM. Among all the GM kits, this is by far the best one next to HGUC GM Sniper II and Powered GM in my opinion.

The color separation of this kit is very nice. Bandai took another step on giving this kit another piece for its knees armor to give it basic details. Oh! and the side armors of its legs has storage for its beam saber grips.

The action base didn't come with the kit, though it has a hole between its legs to place it on one.

  • Very nice articulation
  • Great leg gimmicks [Beam saber storage] It can also do Sniper kneel pose!
  • Color separation is good [Gray parts for the knee are separated and installed inside the knee armor]
  • Easy to switch equipment
  • Waist part is loose, it comes off when pivoting the kit
  • Bazooka holder on its back skirt may fail when you move the kit
  • Shoulder joint are in ball socket connected to polycap, can't perform extended articulation

After building the kit, I put some RG decals to make it nice. And then top coated it with clear matte finish. I like building kits like this one and as much as possible I like to make them look like as modern as it can be so it would look good together with my RG kits.

Special thanks to TATSUHOBBY for providing this kit!

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