Bandai Fashion Unveils Fresh Additions to the Gundam SEED Freedom Collection

The official Bandai Fashion brand, via Premium Bandai, will offer an exclusive Gundam SEED Freedom apparel collection on April 1st, with character acrylic stands, Mighty Strike Freedom bath towels, and a cute keychain.

The said merchandise will be shipped sometime in May 2024.

The collection expands to include a varied assortment of products, beginning with an extensive array of acrylic stands. These stands feature characters from the film in both their regular and pilot suit incarnations, offering versatility to the display possibilities. Each piece in this intriguing series is available for purchase at 2,750 Yen, including tax. This gift allows fans to acquire a piece of their favorite film's enchantment, encapsulating the essence of the characters in a form that will fit easily into any collector's display.

Continuing the exciting lineup, the collection proudly introduces bath towels featuring the powerful Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam design, which can be purchased for 3,850 Yen apiece. Enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that these towels are available in two styles, vertical and horizontal, to accommodate various preferences and demands. Both varieties have a substantial dimension of 120 cm in length and 60 cm in breadth, providing enough coverage and comfort after a pleasant bath or shower. The towels are made of 100% polyester on the front and 100% cotton on their back side, ensuring best absorption.

Following the collection is a beautifully made tapestry featuring the Mighty Strike Freedom, which comes with a support rod and nylon thread for easy hanging. The tapestry, priced at 3,300 Yen, is W 50 cm × H 70 cm and will create a big visual impact wherever it is placed.

The collection is completed by a delightful little keychain featuring the same stunning artwork as the Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam, which is certainly appealing. This miniature masterpiece is carefully crafted, capturing the essence of the renowned Gundam in a compact form that enthusiasts can take with them wherever they go. The keychain is priced at 880 Yen and measures W 50 x H 71 mm, making it ideal for attaching to purses, keys, or wherever else you want to show off your fandom.


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