Gundam Battle Operation 2 to Get its North American Release!

Bandai Namco announces the western release of the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 for PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.

Battle players around the world with your mobile suit through ground and space in a 6 vs 6 team fight. Customize your equipment, and reach objectives with your friends in this action packed Gundam game!

The game was first released in Japan as a free PlayStation Network (PSN) game in 2018, having the same and improved gameplay from its predecessor, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation for PlayStation 3. 

Downloadable content for the game and other micro-transactions will be available once the game is released in the North American PlayStation store.


  1. To be honest the game is not that great. The whole game itself feels very slow(movment, attacks, actions, etc). I hate how you stall for a long time with every action you make. It's very annoying. Also the game is SUPER grindy. I wanna get the GM Sniper II, but it will take you many hours of grinding just to earn enough in game currency to purchase the mobile suit. Also, like every online gundam game you start out with crappy GM or Zaku 2.

    1. What do you expect from free to play on line games? I started the same as you got almost every suits without spending a dime.

  2. I've been playing this game for a while now I think it's one of the better gundam games. Especially for U.C. fans. It has a large number of obscure and unique suits all from around the time of the One Year war. Plus they are adding to it all the time. Plus being able to leave the suit is a fun game mechanic. It takes a bit of time to get started but I haven't spent a dime on it and still have quite a few good suit including my favorite the GM Sniper II.