P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Graze Ritter [Carta Corps] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Graze Ritter [Carta Corps]
Release Date: September 2018
Price: 1,296 Yen



  1. Is 1,296 Yen a pretty average retail price for a kit like this in Japan? I'm looking at the Carta Corps version and wondering how it's different than the retail release of Carta's Graze Ritter. Aside from different stickers and the shorter shoulder armor. If the price in Japan is that close to normal retail, it's understandable. Then it's just like another kit, only with limited production numbers, but for international release, this doesn't make much sense as a P-Bandai kit. It offers so little to justify the extra cost. In fact it... pretty much offers nothing to do so. I'm not trying to complain. I'm just trying very, very hard to figure this out.

  2. I guess p Bandai conversion parts for these would be too easy?

  3. Totally expected... along with the McGillis Corps Graze Ritter...

  4. All P-Bandai kits are priced similarly to normal releases. The point of P-Bandai is to limited the number of kits on the shelves at Japanese stores. Unlike most models, collectibles, and toys Bandai continues to print every kit they have ever made and you can go to just about any store that sells Gunpla and find most kits but because of their model to have basically every kit they have ever made available in stores, that puts quite a burden on the finite amount of shelf space for any store in Japan. I live in Japan and appreciate the fact that I don’t need to look far for any kit ever made. But stores don’t necessarily want 10 different graze models sitting on their shelves. P-Bandai makes complete sense but it’s ridiculous to think that just because YOU want a kit doesn’t mean that enough people want that same kit to the point that it will sell well enough to warrant a space on a shelf at all stores. Why do people get mad at Bandai and not the 3rd party sellers that rip foreign buyers off?

  5. Totally worth it! Parts will come uncolored, but this is a great one overall.

  6. Something most people don't understand is that if Bandai were to open up the P-Bandai shop internationally is that it would undermine local retail (think GW). That's a big problem if you're trying to grow a market as you're hamstringing those working the front lines and bringing in new customers. Because it is competition. P-Bandai is vying for the same customers as local retail and those customers (as an aggregate) have only finite budgets and finite time to build. Sales to P-Bandai will cost Bandai at retail, and even though it's a much higher margin, they lose a valuable marketing tool in increasing Gunpla's visibility in foreign markets.

    For a saturated market, like Japan, that's less an issue (would still upset people on the supply chain though). The entire population is shrinking and that doesn't leave any place to grow.