GunPla EVOLUTION Project Aims to Improve More GunPla

From the GunPla's birth in July 1980, Bandai will be trying to re-model some of the most popular GunPla in each Gundam Universe for their "ROAD TO GUNPLA 40th ANNIVERSARY". 

The project is to produce more quality GunPla as it reach the next generation's standards. Bandai will trial and will work harder to further evolve the Gundam model kits from various angles to improve articulation, proportions, quality, and to meet the expectations as technology grows year by year. 

GunPla Evolution Project will be focusing improvements for HG, MG, RG, and PG model kits! This project will bring all enthusiasts a whole new experience when building GunPla!

HGUC 1/144 Zeta Gundam releases in April 2017 as the first one in line for their [GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT] series.

More announcements will be released on later dates, stay tuned on our official website for more exciting news!


  1. So this is basically a GunPla Revive take 2, but this time aimed towards all grades/scales of GunPla?

  2. I thought that they were already doing this with the "Revive" kits, the 2.0/3.0, Ver Ka, etc..

    1. the revive line was only for high grades. This sounds like it will target all grades.

    2. This is just a new naming for marketing purposes. It makes the consumers think it's a brand new thing, when it's just redoing existing kits.
      So yes.
      These are Revive kits, but under a new name.

  3. I like how they embraced the word, gimmicks. LOL

  4. All I want is better HG G-Self.
    and HG Wrozzo from AGE..

  5. my list of HG gunpla that i hope they will update:
    shining gundam
    god gundam/burning gundam
    master gundam
    wing gundam zero custom
    gundam epyon
    tallgeese III
    0 gundam
    1.5 gundam
    reborns gundam
    gundam 00 raiser
    gundam 00 sevens swords/G
    gundam Qan[T]
    beginning gundam
    forever gundam
    blitz gundam
    destiny gundam

    and i hope they would make these ones too, in HG:
    hot scramble gundam
    destiny impulse gundam