Photoshop Tutorial: Digirama via AEmedia

Photoshop tutorial on how to make this wonderful Gundam MK. II VS Psycho Gundam CG Wallpaper A.K.A. Digirama.

The texts are in Chinese, so I can't translate them for you. If you guys have time to translate them for us, that'd be great! and we'll be happy to credit you for translating.

for now I believe that if you are experienced in Adobe Photoshop, you will get the tutorial by just looking at the photos. ENJOY!

basing on what I see here
we need to get a scene and model kits and ready them for photo shooting.
 touching up the details with the lasso tool and select the parts you want to edit.
in these photos, the artist is showing some shading by using the lasso tool and brush tool to touch up the model kit and make it more realistic.
 playing with the shadow and lighting.
the artist is trying to make the model kit's contrast to match up with the environment, to make it look like it is inside the scene.
 getting some effect weathering from other photos.
you can achieve this effect by applying an overlay effect on the photo you want to wear a weather.

effects can be done in 1001 ways, you can use any type of tool you want and play with the colors of it.
adjust the glow and lighting to make it more realistic and believable.
 and here's the final product!

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