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MSV 1/144 Model kits

hi guys, just recently I bought some MSV 1/144 kits from Hobbywave, I really like collecting old model kits and hand paint them after I build them. Here are some of the first GunPlas I built from the last haul I got back in January 2013.

Each kit costed me about 5-6 bucks each so I bought couple of them to save up for shipping fee. The kits are old, so the plastics are getting ugly nub marks when you cut them, but they are easy to remove so no worries!

I always hand paint the old kits to make them look like older, other than that MSV mobile suits are better if they are weathered and textured.

The MS's are nice even though they were released 20-30 years ago. They are also good display pieces and good for collection purposes.

The good thing about these kits are most of them are still in production and easy to find, in HLJ/ Ebay/ Hobbywave.

I am still looking for more MSV 1/144 kits, so if you guys got something to sell to me just leave me a PM at our Facebook Fanpage :)

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