SD Gundam G Generation Genesis' English Version to Launch in November

Bandai Namco announced that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of SD Gundam G Generation Genesis will be available with English Subs on November 22, 2016 for $67.99 USD [PSVITA[ $78.99 USD [PS4].

Here are the box arts for PS4 and PSVita

Game will be featuring more than 650 Mobile Suits from different Gundam universe series.

Also note that a Singapore PlayStation Network account is required to be able to download the redeemable contents.

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Originally announced alongside Gundam Breaker 3, SD Gundam G Generation Genesis was part of the commemoration for the Gundam 30th anniversary event; it was only when Namco Bandai Asia posted in March on their Facebook page when things got really exciting - the reveal and continuation of a trend pushing for another Asian English localization meant that fans around the world again could play the newest Gundam titles in a language they understood.

Described as a Gundam Simulation game - ガンダムシミュレーション new information is being revealed about SD Gundam GGG every month, detailing new Mobile Suits and characters we can expect to see! Bandai Namco have revealed so far that SD Gundam G Generation Genesis will feature over 650 Mobile Suits across over 38 works.
As it's also the first entry of the SD series for PS4, huge graphical updates have been applied using a propietary engine, with each Mobile suit having been remodelled to match this change. Previous mechanics like mecha development and planning return, while enemies from previous games make a cameo too.

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