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G Gundam GunPla Series to be Re-issued Plus Blu-ray Box Release Info

Both 1/144 and 1/100 scale of Mobile Fighter G Gundam old GunPla series will be re-issued on November 2016.

1/100 Dragon Gundam
1/100 God Gundam
1/100 Gundam Maxter
1/100 Gundam Rising
1/100 Master Gundam 
1/100 Shining Gundam
1/144 Devil Gundam
1/144 Dragon Gundam
1/144 Bolt Gundam
1/144 Gundam Rose
1/144 Master Gundam
1/144 Gundam Maxter
1/144 Gundam Spiegel
1/144 Shining Gundam
1/144 God Gundam
1/144 Rising Gundam

The first episode of the series first aired in Japan on April 1994 and ended with its 50th episode on March 1995. They are celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year with the release of box set number 1 Blu-ray remastered with episodes 1~24 of the series on September 23, 2016 for 34,000 yen [tax excluded].

Box set number 2 with episode 25~50 will be released on November 25th with the same price. Both sets comes with a 100-page booklet, a brand new and edited drama CD that was originally released back in 1994, an audio commentary, inner jacket drawn by Hiroki Kanno (annimation director) and Eiji Nakada (animator), and a box with a brand new art illustrated by Mobile Suit designer Kunio Okawara).


  1. I wonder why Bandai is reissuing these kits now. Instead, I would like to see new Master Grade model kits like God Gundam 2.0, Shining Gundam 2.0, Master Gundam 2.0, Spiegel Gundam 2.0, Bolt Gundam, Dragon Gundam, Rose Gundam, Rising Gundam, Nobel Gundam, Maxter Gundam. I like G Gundam and I think it deserves new Master Grade kits.

    1. You are absolutely right bandai really gives g gundam the short end of the stick they need to make at least a shining or god gundam perfect grade

    2. I think it is pretty sad because they did do some "Revive" High Grade model kits for some of the G Gundam models. But I did not bother buying them since I thought maybe G Gundam was going to get a batch of new Master Grade model kits. I guess with the BluRay for it, the new High Grade model kits, and reprinting the older kits might be pointing to signs that new Master Grade kits are coming?

  2. why don't they make a revive version of these kits =_=

    1. so true just revive the whole line

    2. They need to get off their lazy bums and finally make Nobel Gundam and Gundam Rose 100 scale version besides the Revive 144 scale with improved joints for better articulation poses,
      God Gundam Shining and Master already got remakes of them we need the others