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RIMM Factory: 1/100 GN Arms Type E [3rd Party Manufacturer]

RIMM Factory: 1/100 GN Arms Type E 
Release Date: December 2016
Price: TBA

Manufactured by a third party company RIMM Factory

Image is for reference use only.

We saw the first image from Madworks facebook page. Madworks is one of the distributors listed on the official poster.


  1. A 1/100 GN Arms Type E? That is going to be HUGE! It's too bad that Bandai hasn't done it.

  2. Hope this isnt a P-Bandai

    1. "MADWORKS: 1/100 GN Arms Type E
      Release Date: TBA
      Price: TBA

      Manufactured by a third party company called MADWORKS"

      Clearly it shows that is is being developed by a third party company. It can only be a P-Bandai release if Bandai makes it. Considering that we don't have it from Bandai, I don't think they're going to make it. Bandai has never done a 1/100 release of the mobile armor type of things like Neo Zeong, Dendrobium, GN Arms Type E, METEOR Unit, etc. Why would that change now? We have 1/144 releases and I think in Bandai's view that is probably more than enough for these. It would be cool, but if Bandai makes one, it'll be very expensive. Look at how expensive the HG Neo Zeong and HG GN Arms Type E is as it is. Also, they're already big as they are and scaling them up to 1/100 would be a nightmare to manufacture in their factory, and I think that the shipping cost alone might not make it worth it since not as many people would buy it. If not as many people buy it, it wouldn't be a worthy investment for Bandai to do.

    2. 3rd anonymous is right about this being a third company product. Though we are very sorry for the mistake we have made about the manufacturer. Madworks is not the name of the manufacturer. We are humbly apologise for the misleading title. Manufacturer's name will be announced soon as we get in touch with them.

  3. It's okay. Thank you for the response. Anyway, I think it's important to think about how third party companies are willing to do these things whereas Bandai is not. I find that quite disappointing. At the very least, Bandai could do a 1/100 No Grade release of it.

  4. Is this a Plastic Model kit or resin?