Gundam Perfect Mission OVA short

video via: GNW002ThroneZwei

The 30th Gundam Perfect Mission is a short original video animation (OVA) that was publised and officially released by Sunrise to celebrate the 30th annversary of Gundam series. The short film features almost all the main Gundam unit in different Gundam universe.

"In an undisclosed forest, a battle with an unknown enemy rages on, with the FF-X7 Core Fighter lodged in a tree. As the battle continues, the Gundam Alex and the Gundam Ground Type hold off the enemy to protect the core fighter, but return fire blows the core fighter away. Luckily the God Gundam arrives and uses its Bakunetsu God Finger to launch the core fighter into the air, where the Destiny Gundam uses its wings of light to reach the fighter and help ignite its engine with its palm beam cannon. The core fighter launches into space, escorted by the Victory 2 Gundam, where upon arriving it is protected from enemy fire by the 00 Raiser, theGundam Full Burnern Zephyranthes, and the Nu Gundam. The shockwave from the battle causes the core fighter to fly off course but it is promptly rescued by the ∀ Gundam, activating its Moonlight Butterfly after releasing the fighter. As the core fighter flies on, it goes on a collision course with a colony that is being dropped, but the Gundam X arrives and prepares its satellite cannon, and is soon joined by the Wing Gundam Zero and the Wing Zero Custom with their twin beam rifles and the three successfully destroy the colony. TheZeta Gundam avoids the explosion by entering its waverider mode and appears to join the Unicorn Gundam, which enters its Destroy Mode, in defending the White Base, as the core fighter passes them. Elsewhere theGundam F91 uses its variable speed beam rifle, in conjunction with the Full Armor ZZ Gundam's double beam rifle, and the Freedom Gundam's full burst mode to destroy Axis, the enemy’s base. The core fighter flies into the explosion and combines to form the RX-78-2 Gundam and fires its beam rifle. As the smoke clears, the Gundams stands victorious as the scene ends with the OVA's title appearing on the screen. -GundamWiki

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