Dave's thoughts on Gundam Build Fighters. [Spoiler warning!]

                                  <<<<<Warning, the following may contain spoilers>>>>

Gundam Build fighters has aired two episodes thus far and I would like to give a quick summery of what we have seen with this series.  
So far in only the first two episodes we have seen countless representations of mobiles suits that have been and have not been put into animation, even things like a G-unit gundam from the Gundam Wing side stories!   It has been quite enjoyable trying to pick them all out and see what was tossed into each episode, including the box arts on the store shelf.   

Mr. Ral is playing really great part in this series.
That aside we have a story with a simple but good premis, it is able to keep ones attention and be entertaining  and the inclusion of Mr.Ral has made things much more joyful!    The interactions between Sei and Reijei have been quite interesting too, from the first episode you see reijei as this almost noble knight type figure coming to aid Sei however in the second episode Reijeis immaturity and overconfidence shows brightly.  Sei himself has been straightforward, a normal kid just trying to live out his dream with some strange and amusing events taking place time to time and sometimes trouble-some social encounters.     
Tatsuya Yuki, the seeming antagonist of the series also has some neat (and cliche) traits to his character.  Calling himself the 'Crimson comet' the Char knockoff vibe is quite strong and he also has a nod to 00 Gundams Allelujah Haptism in where upon flipping his hair back in a very similar fashion to our Super-solider friend he has a complete personality change.    This will make for many more great encounters I feel.
With what was seen in episode two even if considered corny he does quickly live up to his Char'esc title.      
All this taken into account I would like to say that Build Fighters has a fairly bright future ahead of it as far as Gundam series are concerned, will it be the best? I would probaby say not - there are too many heavy hitting Gundam series for that to happen. 

Even so, I think it will still be good - we will need to see how the rest of the story progresses.  There have been many other series (Not gundam related) that have started strong but have fallen to pieces halfway through.  Will Build Fighters take that route? I hope not.          
For now, that is my two cents on the series. Please remember they are just my humble opinions so if you disagree that is absolutely fine! There is nothing wrong with differing opinions!   
In the future, perhaps at the series halfway point I shall do another quick write up to see where we stand.  Until then have a good one folks!   - Dave.


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