Thursday, August 20, 2015

In early August 2015, Gundam mechanical designer Kunio Okawara has launched a campaign to fund a short pilot film for an anime based on his electrical car design called "Ex Machina."

This fund raising campaign aims to collect at least 8 million Japanese Yen (US$ 64,000) by September 30, 2015 via Japanese crowdfunding service Nextwaves.

As of writing, the fund is now at 345,000 Yen (US$ 2,800). Support this project by donating at nextwaves

the mecha in the anime might look like this concept art, provided by Okawara

Ex Machina will work like a regular car, but with more dynamic parts to make it look like and feel like a mecha-inspired from an anime.


SOURCE: animenewsnetwork / Nextwave
Photos: Nextwave / Amiami


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