P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Wing EW: Glory of Losers Expansion Set [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Wing EW: Glory of Losers Expansion Set [REISSUE]
Release Date: August 2024
Price: 3,520 Yen

Release Date: May 2021
Price: 3,520 Yen

The New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Glory of Losers celebrates another amazing release from the Premium Bandai Hobby shop! This kit comes with set of equipment and expansion for the sold separately MG 1/100 Tallgeese II, MG 1/100 Altron Gundam EW, and MG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell EW that converts them to the Glory of Losers version.

What's new and included?

Altron Gundam - Backpack equipment "Twin Beam Cannons"

An alternative backpack that pays homage to its TV version. This expansion part is a completely new mold for this series. The equipment also comes with its two distinct wing-like binders.

Tallgeese II - Heat Saber

As first featured in the "Glory of the Losers" manga series, Treize chose a large sword that uses a heating technology to cut and pierce through its enemies mobile suits! This equipment is a completely new mold for the series.

Gundam Deathscythe Hell EW - side skirt equipment "Buster Shield"

Just as featured in the Katoki Hajime's take on Gundam Deathscythe in its EW version, this Hell EW comes with not one, but two buster shield that are meant to be attached as its side skirts. These buster shields can be attached to its arms, and used as another alternative close combat weapons.



  1. Replies
    1. Yes, only the MG Deathscythe Hell EW is a non-PBandai release of the three pictured.

  2. i'm still holding off for 1/144 versions but this makes so much sense, it never registered for me this could be a possibllity but thinking back to the barbatos part set, i should have expected this

  3. I thought this wouldn't happen for another couple of years, and certainly as their own kits. Now I have a reason to get a Tallgeese II.

  4. So you're telling me we could get the Flugel?

  5. I've already modded my Altron into this version but it's nice that they are finally giving what was shown in that once promo piece a few years ago.

  6. Any idea how someone in the USA can get a pre-order for this? It is on the Hong Kong and Singapore P-Bandai stores, but they will not allow you to ship out of those regions. I reached out to the USA PBandai store to see if the expansion set would eventually be available for pre-order at the USA store and they declined to comment. Really don't want to have to pay 2X markup on Ebay.

    1. try using buyee and amazon japan, if you already havent tried pbandai usa preorders

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