P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Tallgeese II [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Tallgeese II [REISSUE]
Release Date: August 2024
Price: 4,180 Yen

Release Date: March 2013
Price: 3,800 Yen

The world of Gundam modeling is about to be electrified once more with the latest entry in Bandai's legendary Master Grade series, Treize's Tallgeese II. This new model kit is an evolution rather than a reproduction, with newly molded pieces adding an unprecedented degree of detail and authenticity to one of the Gundam Wing series' most iconic mobile suits.

At the heart of this new edition is a thorough reworking of critical components. Tallgeese II's head crest and face plate have been rebuilt to capture the mobile suit's majestic and intimidating presence from the series. Furthermore, the model's major armor components are now portrayed in a vibrant blue plastic, increasing its visual appeal and making it a distinctive item in any collection.

But the surprises do not end there. To add to the attraction, the kit contains 1/100 scale models of Treize Khushrenada and Lady Une. These figures are provided in excellent detail, ready to paint, allowing fans to add their own personal vision to the Gundam universe.

One of the most appealing aspects of this device is its functionality. The Tallgeese II is equipped with a barrel extension gimmick for its dober rifle, allowing modelers to recreate the mobile suit's iconic pose. This feature not only increases the model's visual value, but it also includes an interactive aspect that improves the construction experience.

To complete this stunning package, Bandai has added a pair of water slide decals made particularly for this Premium Bandai edition. These decals provide an additional degree of detail and customization, allowing builders to completely personalize this model.

A sold separately Heat Saber featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz "Glory of the Losers" manga can also be equipped with this.

The OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II was developed specifically for Treize Khushrenada, the World Nation's leader. It was built using spare parts from the OZ-00MS Tallgeese, although it has a different head crest, a new face mask that resembles the Gundam's, and the colors on some of its chests, shoulders, waist, back-mounted boosters, and shield have changed to blue. This blue tint was thought to indicate Treize's intention to depart as a representation of the Earth. Although some parts of the Tallgeese II were made of gundanium alloy, the mobile suit's essential performance remained unchanged from the first Tallgeese.

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