P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Altron Gundam EW Ver. (Nataku) [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Altron Gundam EW Ver. (Nataku) [REISSUE]
Release Date: December 2023 [2nd Batch Release: February 2024]
Price: 4,950 Yen

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Altron Gundam EW Ver. (Nataku) 
Release Date: December 2015
Price: 4,950 Yen

Celebrating Mobile Suit Gundam Wing's 25th anniversary, Bandai Spirits will be doing a reissue of all Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Wing GunPla series.
The kit preserves the core design and molds of the standard MG Shenlong Gundam EW, but it includes wholly new molded pieces for its standout feature, the dragon fang equipment. This update not only improves the model's aesthetics, but it also incorporates a functioning extendable arm unit, which increases its dynamic poseability.

The attention to detail doesn't end there. The kit comes with a variety of weaponry, including dual Dragon Fangs and a powerful Twin Beam Trident, allowing builders to recreate some of the series' most iconic battle sequences. These additions are a testament to Bandai Spirits' commitment to authenticity and quality in their GunPla models.

The kit's collecting value is enhanced by the inclusion of a new scale figure of its pilot, Chang Wufei, clothed in Mariemaia Army uniform. This figurine comes in both standing and sitting stances, allowing enthusiasts to customize their display with a piece of Gundam Wing history.

Premium Bandai has added water slide decals in the kit to improve the construction experience and overall display quality. These decals allow for additional detailing, adding depth and realism that will appeal to both experienced modelers and newcomers alike.



  1. It's about the damn right time. Anyway, it's funny Bandai hasn't released Sandrock kai yet.

  2. Let's hope the reissue of the Nataku & Heavyarms Custom mean their aftermarket price comes down a fair bit.

  3. Isn't there a manga version of this with the tail? Why can't that version be included with this?

    1. Maybe waiting for wing zero Ka. launched first, then we'll get GoTL deathschyte hell and nataku.

  4. They've reissued these kits so many times that they might as well make them regular...

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