26 January 2013

Just yesterday, January 18, 2013. Premium Bandai announced that they will be starting pre-orders of MG Tallgeese II next Friday January 25, 2013!
Release Date: March 2013
Price: 3,800 Yen


  1. seriously? why not just the tallgeese III? the head of tallgeese 2 is easy to revise with the high grade one...

  2. no way!!! im so getting this guy, ill wait for gginfinite to release this

  3. I'll wait for the release of Tallgeese II, Even though the color & heads is the only difference, it will not matter to me, I'll definitely buy them.... No worries also Tallgeese III will become MG in the future, same as the remaining EW units, the problem is WHEN do they plan to release them....