Gundam Universe to Add the Strike Freedom Gundam Type II in the Lineup

Tamashii Nations has revealed the colored prototype for the highly anticipated Strike Freedom Gundam Type II action figure. This latest addition will join the Gundam Universe action figure line, which has received considerable acclaim since its introduction in the film.

The Strike Freedom Gundam Type II, which first appeared in the blockbuster animated film "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom," is expected to become a prized possession among the Gundam Universe figure line series collectors. This announcement marks an exciting step forward in the evolution of the Gundam Universe collection, which has successfully captured the essence of the Gundam metaseries with its meticulously detailed action figures.

Bandai introduced the Gundam Universe line in 2019, and it has distinguished itself by delivering high-quality, realistic robot action figures to market. Unlike its Robot Damashii predecessors, Gundam Universe figures are intended to be both durable and inexpensive, making them more accessible to a wider audience. Standing about 6" tall, these non-scale figures are ideal for display and play, giving fans a tangible piece of the Gundam universe to own.

The Gundam Universe series releases new figures in three-wave increments, with collectors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipating each wave. The addition of the Strike Freedom Gundam Type II to this line demonstrates Tamashii Nations' commitment to broadening their products with characters who resonate with fans and have a special place in the Gundam history.

While the Strike Freedom Gundam Type II's release date and pricing have yet to be announced, the unveiling of the colored prototype has surely raised expectations. Collectors will be waiting for more developments, keen to add this legendary figure to their collections.

The Gundam Universe action figure line continues to demonstrate Bandai's ability in designing figures that not only honor the rich history of the Gundam metaseries but also respond to the needs of its global following. As the Strike Freedom Gundam Type II prepares to make its mark, it represents another milestone in the history of Gundam memorabilia, promising to be a must-have for both fans and newcomers.


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