METAL ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) Destiny Gundam Spec II Wings of Light & Effect Set - Release Info

METAL ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) Destiny Gundam Spec II Wings of Light & Effect Set
Release Date: August 2024
Price: 7,150 Yen

Fans and collectors of the METAL ROBOT Spirits series can now enjoy an exclusive effect set for the "METAL ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) Destiny Gundam Spec II". This new release will add to the visual vibrancy and attractiveness of your Destiny Gundam Spec II model with a number of amazing effect pieces that have been precisely created to complement the Spec II variation. This effect set commemorates the cinematic achievement of the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" film and promises to bring the franchise's exciting action and iconic graphics to life in your collection.

The centerpiece of this effect package is the addition of new coloring for all parts, specifically designed to complement the Destiny Gundam Spec II style. The design includes a beautiful pair of Wings of Light, which evoke the stunning vistas from the film and provide a strong presence to the exhibition. These wings are more than simply an accessory; they reflect the Gundam's speed and agility, converting any shelf into an interplanetary battleground.

Beyond the wings of light, the set includes a variety of effects to capture the Gundam's arsenal in full action:
  • Two beam boomerang effects, showcasing the weapon's deadly rotation in combat.
  • Large Palma Fiocina effects for both left and right hands, emphasizing the Gundam's hand-to-hand combat prowess.
  • A large version of the Arondight beam sword, complete with its own effects, to depict the weapon's devastating energy.
  • The high energy long-range beam cannon, presented in a larger scale, underscores the Gundam's firepower and tactical versatility.


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