Exclusive METAL STRUCTURE RX-93 nu Gundam Deluxe Set Announced for Lottery Sale in March 2024

METAL STRUCTURE RX-93 nu Gundam + Fin Funnel Expansion Complete Set
Release Date: March 2024
Price: 140,800 Yen

Bandai Namco has unveiled a deluxe edition that combines the METAL STRUCTURE RX-93 nu Gundam with its complementary fin funnel equipment set, priced at 140,800 Yen. This special edition set is poised to captivate enthusiasts with its unparalleled detail and craftsmanship, merging iconic design with state-of-the-art toy engineering.

Due to the expected strong demand and to ensure fairness in buying possibilities, Bandai Namco has chosen a lottery system for the sale of this deluxe set. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to enter the lottery, and the winners will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase this unique item. This strategy seeks to divide the highly desired model more fairly among the devoted following.

The lottery application will be available from February 14th, 2024 at 12:00 ~ February 20, 2024 ~ 23:00 JST through the official Tamashii Nations Premium Bandai store. The winners will be contacted starting February 21st.

The deluxe set promises an immersive unboxing and assembly experience, featuring not just the ν Gundam main body, but also a plethora of accessories and figures that bring the Gundam universe to life. 

Included in the set are:
  • ν Gundam Main Body
  • Shield Beam Rifle
  • New Hyper Bazooka
  • Beam Saber (Large and Small)
  • Beam Saber Effect (Set)
  • Complete Light Unit
  • Complete Catwalk
  • Mechanic Figure Complete Set
  • Amuro Figure Set
  • Fin Funnel x 6
  • Funnel Frame (Left)
  • Complete Set of Fin and Funnel Connection Joint
  • Complete Set of Pedestal (Including for Fin and Funnel)
This comprehensive list ensures that collectors will have everything needed to display the RX-93 nu Gundam in all its glory, making it a centerpiece of any collection.

Bandai's ambitious effort to produce the ideal collector mecha figure is represented by the Metal Structure Kaitai-Shou-Ki line, which features well-known robots from numerous anime episodes. This line stands out not only for its meticulous attention to detail but also for its dedication to employing premium materials, with a particular emphasis on diecast metal components. This material selection enhances the figures' weight and feel as well as their durability and visual appeal, giving them a high-end look and feel that is easily identifiable.

In contrast to conventional action figures that emphasize playability and articulation, the Metal Structure Kaitai-Shou-Ki line emphasizes a distinct facet of collectibility: the exquisite mecha design that is frozen in a single instant. These figures offer a degree of realism and intricacy that will satisfy even the most discriminating collectors, with far more parts and richer detailing than any of Bandai's prior releases.

The Metal Structure Kaitai-Shou-Ki line prioritizes fine detail over mobility in its design approach. Although there is some movement to the figures, the main goal is to replicate the mecha designs as closely as possible while maintaining a high level of authenticity and depth. This method makes it possible to create a display piece that pays true tribute to the mechas' original designs, making them the ideal focal point of any collection.

Though officially non-scale, every figure in the range is designed to mimic the presence and scale of its 1/60 scale Gunpla counterparts. This decision makes the figures an appealing alternative for collectors who value uniformity in their displays because it guarantees that they keep a steady size that blends in smoothly with existing collections.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Metal Structure Kaitai-Shou-Ki line is the utilization of diecast metal components, which is a deviation from the conventional action figures and model kits' mostly plastic components. This greatly improves the figures' visual impact in addition to giving them a heavier, more realistic feel. Plastic just cannot match the amount of detail and quality that the metal parts offer, from the cool touch of metal to the delicate reflections of light on the surface.


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