Custom Build: HG 1/144 Lfrith Gund-cannon

MODIFICATION TYPE: kit bash, scratch built parts, custom details, custom paint job
KITS USED: HG 1/144 Gundam Frith UR, HG 1/144 Gundam Lfrith, 30 MM upgrade kits

The brainchild of AO_Mecha, the LFRITH GUND-CANNON is a testament to the art of kit bashing, incorporating scratch-built components, custom details, and an awe-inspiring paint job. The foundation for this marvel was laid using the HG 1/144 Gundam Frith UR, a choice that signified the modeler's intent to push the boundaries of innovation.

After first thinking of using the Guncannon head for the build, AO_Mecha decided to take a more universe-specific approach and included the head of the Lfrith Gundam, a calculated move that gave the assembly a distinct unity. This modification greatly improved the work's thematic coherence and brought it into closer alignment with the larger canon of Gundam lore.

The general idea behind the LFRITH GUND-CANNON's design is derived from the modeler's clever analysis of similarities between the creation of the suit and the EFSF's Gundam initiatives, especially the Operation V program. With the help of this lore, AO_Mecha created the LFRITH GUND-CANNON, which sparked the interest of Gundam aficionados, by designing it as an evolutionary development of the Lfrith Gundam and intended for Operation Mercury.

The addition of weaponry, which was derived from the recently released 30-minute mission upgrade kits and included certain elements from builder parts and aesthetics of the Guncannon, gave the model further levels of intricacy and utility. These painstakingly altered modifications added to the suit's function and story in addition to improving its visual appeal.

The LFRITH GUND-CANNON's paint scheme is one of its most notable elements; it is evidence of the modeler's meticulous attention to detail. The paint job was painstakingly done to capture the Gundcannon's recognizable style, giving the established canon a new and exciting identity while yet resonating with it.

The work of AO_Mecha is more than just a combination of components; it's an expression of imagination, storytelling skill, and technical know-how coming together. In the modeling community, the LFRITH GUND-CANNON is a representation of innovation, enthralling fans with its smooth merging of universes and tribute to the Gundam heritage.

By revealing this magnificent work, AO_Mecha not only demonstrates extraordinary modeling abilities but also encourages fresh inspiration and innovation in the Gundam modeling community. Standing tall as a tribute to the endless possibilities that arise when passion and expertise are combined in the field of model engineering, is the LFRITH GUND-CANNON.


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