A Collector's Dream: The DX Chogokin RX-78F00 GUNDAM Will go on Sale from December 23rd

The debut of the DX Chogokin RX-78F00 Gundam at the famed Gundam Factory Yokohama (GFY) is a significant occasion for ardent enthusiasts and collectors of Gundam memorabilia. This exquisite piece is slated to go on sale in limited quantities on December 23rd and enthusiasts everywhere are sure to treasure owning it.

The breathtaking RX-78F00 Gundam DX chogokin high quality figure, which is an almost 1:48 replica of the currently a fascinating sight at GFY, will go on sale for 99,000 yen (tax included). With a height of about 370mm, this work of art is a magnificent example of careful craftsmanship. It faithfully reproduces every single detail found in the life-sized moving Gundam on display at GFY.

With a compartment that encloses the GUNDAM-DOCK, this collectible marvel embodies the essence of the RX-78F00 Gundam that is now on display. It also features a condensed production reproduction that uses fascinating light and sound effects. Its design closely mimics the elements of the enormous Gundam, right down to the visible soles of its feet and the movable cockpit that houses an accurate representation of the pilot.

With its extensive range of articulation and highly posable design, this figure enables fans to recreate famous stances that are evocative of the "moving Gundam" aiming upwards. In addition, it reproduces the Gundam's dynamic movements, like its thighs sliding and the cylinders expanding and contracting as it kneels.

The interior framework uses die-cast superalloy joints for flexibility and endurance; it is modeled after the structure that underpins the real "moving Gundam" manufacture. Because the external components are removable, aficionados may appreciate the intricate details of the interior frame. Furthermore, the external parts that have been removed can be tastefully exhibited on the GUNDAM-DOCK, improving the presentation.

LEDs accentuate its beauty in a number of areas, including the cockpit, shoulders, knees, eyes, main camera, and chest. The pedestal also has spotlight-like LEDs. Additionally, a built-in audio component that makes use of data from the "Startup Experiment" production transports fans to the atmosphere of GFY as the legendary "BEYOND THE TIME Beyond the Mobius Universe" by LUNA SEA plays. This well choreographed light and sound show, which lasts for around ten minutes, captures the feelings of nostalgia and the GFY experience.

To put it simply, the DX Chogokin RX-78F00 Gundam is a technological masterpiece that captures the grandeur and innovation of the Gundam universe. It is the pinnacle of workmanship. Gundam fans and guests to GFY will find it to be a beloved collector with its limited supply and exquisite attention to detail, bringing back fond memories.

This magnificent Gundam model, which stands at an amazing height of almost 370mm, is made from a quality combination of ABS, die-cast, and PVC materials. Its build ensures a realistic portrayal of the legendary RX-78F00 while promising durability.

The set contents include the following accessories:
  • beam rifle
  • shield
  • beam saber handle x 2
  • beam saber effects x 2
  • head antenna (spare)
  • dock type display set
  • suspension parts set
  •  LR44 battery for main unit x 3 ( (for testing)
  • 8 LR41 batteries for the main unit (for testing)
Every part of the set is meticulously designed to guarantee authenticity and bring fans a thorough and engaging Gundam experience.

Fans may reenact famous Gundam world scenarios with the DX Chogokin RX-78F00 GUNDAM, a collector marvel that can be put into a variety of stances and configurations. This model is sure to be the focal point of any Gundam collection, whether it is positioned dynamically or on the dock-style pedestal that comes with it.

Enthusiasts are excited about the impending release of this painstakingly created masterpiece, which honors the legacy of the legendary RX-78F00 Gundam and invites the excitement of the Gundam universe into their homes.

The high quality figure is limited to 1 unit per person per day. Cannot be purchased by re-entering the facility.

Visitors who wishes to purchase the product will need to proceed to the Gundam Base YOKOHAMA satellite. After paying for the product, a receipt or proof of purchase will be given to be able to claim the product at the Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the GFY.

Availability time will be instructed to the buyers.
When ready, the item will be packed in a cardboard for transportation. But do note that delivery option will not be available.

Please also consider that the package will be around 8.2 kg.

If there are still stock remaining, the item will be sold at the GFY as regular item while supplies last after December 25th.

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