Custom Build: HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial "Warlock"

MODELER: Rendy Iswanto
MODEL TITLE: Aerial Warlock
MODIFICATION TYPE: kit bash, custom paint job
KITS USED: HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial, HG 1/144 Providence Gundam, Anubis HG Aerial parts

Enthusiasts in the dynamic field of model making are always pushing the limits of artistry and skill. A notable figure in this field is Rendy Iswanto, whose latest endeavor "Aerial Warlock" has attracted interest from the modeling community. In this article, we get into the finer points of this amazing construct, looking at the adjustments, the idea behind it, and the methods employed to make this unique model a reality.

Rendy Iswanto, who goes by @rendy1582 on Instagram, is well-known in the online modeling world for his creative and meticulous model constructions. His creations frequently combine creative ideas with fine detailing, giving each of his models a one-of-a-kind quality.

"Aerial Warlock" is evidence of Rendy's imaginative vision. With extra components that improve its overall beauty and style, this model is a daring and edgy reimagining of the traditional "Aerial" form.

Rendy tackled this project in two ways: with a unique paint job and kitbashing. Rendy has learned and skillfully used the method of "kitbashing," which is assembling components from various model kits to create something entirely new and distinctive, in the Aerial Warlock.

Making an "edgier" variant of the Aerial model was the main idea behind the Aerial Warlock. Rendy added more elements from the Providence Gundam in an attempt to improve the original design. He also adjusted and balanced the proportions with the Anubis upgrade parts, giving the model a more powerful and impressive look.

Rendy's painting style was crucial in making the Aerial Warlock come to life. He chose to repaint the model with spray cans of a local brand, demonstrating not just his painting prowess but also his ability to work with readily available materials to get a polished result.

Rendy Iswanto's Aerial Warlock is a great illustration of the creative possibilities available in the model-building community. His creative application of kitbashing in conjunction with his expert painting style has produced a model that is both aesthetically striking and distinctively his own. This project encourages individuals in the community to develop their creativity in model construction while also showcasing Rendy's talent as a modeler.

Make sure to follow Rendy on Instagram at @rendy1582 to see more of his amazing creations and to stay up to date on his most recent endeavors. His feed is a gold mine of ideas for both enthusiasts and model builders.


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