Tutorial: How to fix Broken GunPla Peg / Connectors by Ngeekhiong

A Great step by step tutorial on how to repair your broken GunPla peg or connectors

This is an old tutorial by Ngeekhiong via ngeekhiongex.

  • It is always been a modeler's problem where we sometimes break parts of our GunPla when playing with it.

  • Also, sometimes, it gets worse like this one here.

  • To repair it, you will need a brass rod, that most of the resin modelers use to connect the parts of their resin model kits. This rod, is durable enough to hold the pegs of your GunPla, this also acts as skeleton for the broken parts!
  • You can also enhance the durability of it by putting some unused verniers for its margin. See photos below.

  • Test fit the vernier like this!
  • You will only need the end part of the vernier so, if you have something like that, you can always improvise the vernier.

  • Tools you will need to cut the vernier is your favorite plastic or modeling saw!

  • Remember to put a nice deep hole on the broken peg for the brass rod.

  • Also, make sure that you have the right length to avoid further damage to your GunPla

  • Well, of course, put a whole on the place where you want to put the broken peg.

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