GunPla Lineup June 2018 premium bandai news


  1. If you can't take the following criticisms: "Haters gonna hate".

    [Amazing Entries]
    - Entry #3 & #11: I like how they just posed their seperate entries like they were fighting each other. That was cool. Kind of camaraderie you should see more in these contests.

    - Entry #13: Custom Kit-bash/Modded Gerbera Tetra Kai. Instant win in my book. Paint job isn't glossy or shiny. Isn't dark either. I like. Painted in original Gerbera Tetra Kai Color Scheme. Bonus. Fucking awesome diorama base. Looks like something in space breaking apart. Maybe a colony/ship/satellite?

    [Good Entries]:
    - Entry #30: Finally someone extended the fucking torso. Most modelers keep fucking extending the legs while leaving the torso and arms short like they don't have a basic idea of what anatomy even is... THAT'S WHERE THE MEME "Katoki'd" came from. Stupidly long legs, barely any torso. Good thing Hobby Japan & Dengeki Hobby have those wip articles showing how to extend the torso and other parts in order to make basic looking gunpla even cooler.

    - Entry #23: The tiger color scheme was a pretty unique idea I guess.

    - Entry #10

    [Terrible Entries]:
    - Entry #9: That custom GN particle effect is just bad. Not even the good kind of bad. The GN drive the 0 gundam has, is supposed to make a "BURST" effect. Not "wing zero custom wings that curve and create a feather effect". The modeler made it look like it has gay green wings. Should be more this: and less whatever the hell that is. And that diorama base, although cool and I'm sure was hard to make, was completely ruined by the awful color scheme. everything looks like mud and vomit. Jeez.

    - Entry #15: Ugh. It's like someone decided to just rub charcoal all over that thing. Maybe slathered it in ash... You can paint but that's the color scheme you choose? What a waste...

    - Entry #32: Was going to categorize this as "Good Entry" but ffs... couldn't the modeler at least think of a better pose?



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