GunPla Lineup June 2018 premium bandai news


  1. [Amazing Entries]:
    - Entry #15: This thing just screams mechanical bamf. Not too cluttered, assymetrically cool, decent diorama base. Looks like an industrialized Zogok. Good color scheme and paint job.

    - Entry #17: Gotta love battle damaged remnants.

    - Entry #8: Foliage and rusted abandoned gundams are cool. The paint job/effect on the gundam goes great with the light sand and surrounding brush.

    - Entry #12: Great light modding. Paint job/color scheme stands out even without decent lighting from the display area gets extra points.

    [Good Entries]:
    - Entry #9: Saw the backpack in jet/ship mode before it was equipped. The fact that it transforms is cool but the Gundam and the "Booster" itself could use a better color scheme.

    - Entry #13: Good paint job/color scheme. Not too dark, but not too light either. I also like how they left the Dom cross eye motif, red. Complements the entire mobile suit.

    - Entry #5: Clever use of Tamiya "Roller" parts and string to help compose the bow. Kind of ingenuity that should have at least earned 3rd place.

    - Entry #1: The whole picnic theme is just adorable. There's even a tiny, fucking coke bottle. Are you kidding me?? How is that not neat.

    - Entry #25

    - Entry #4

    - Entry #10

    Terrible Entries:
    - Entry #20: That color scheme is just fucking awful.

    - Entry #16: Clusterfuck clutter-gundam (yeah you can paint, yeah you can mod, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should.). Great diorama/action base mod though. Nuff said.

    - Entry #6: Good for you... You're excited about the Armor Girls Project GundamGirls... but this is fucking GBWC. "GUNPLA" builders. You're supposed to customize "GUNDAM" model kits. GBWC is not "Animu-girl customization contest".

    - Entry #14



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