GunPla Lineup June 2018 premium bandai news


  1. If you can't take the following criticisms: "Haters gonna hate".

    [Amazing Entries]:
    - Entry #1: Awesome paint job/color scheme. Masking must have been a pain in the ass. Kudos.

    [Good Entries]:
    - Entry #3: Is it supposed to look like a T-Rex?? This could've gone on the "Amazing Entries" category but was ruined by the tiny fucking arms. What the hell seriously... Great paint job, the rusted effect was cool and didn't completely make it look like it blended with the diorama/base itself. It stood out. The Mobile Armor itself is HUGE. Huge legs, huge body, huge skirt, huge Kshatriya shoulder binders, but again, those tiny fucking arms... unless it actually does transform into some kind of T-rex mobile armor then the tiny arms make sense and I take back what I said and this should totally go into the "Amazing Entries" list.

    - Entry #36: Although not a fan of the paint job/color scheme/weathering effect used, those custom tubes are fucking cool and the use of beam sabers as beam spikes coming out of the back is pretty damn cool.

    [Terrible Entries]:
    - Entry #4: Why is that beam saber sticking out of the ground, standing like that?? It's a fucking BEAM saber. Not a solid METAL saber... Physics. PHYSICS. Ruined the whole effect. It's tiny details like that that judges should always spot. Small cracks can be what breaks a giant dam/statue. Small details can make/break a big diorama.

    - This entry with no #:
    This would've been great had the jesta been posed better, and why would you take the time to build a good diorama base only to ruin it by using a fucking clear action base that STICKS OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB?? Use a METAL ROD. The action base ruins the entire effect by looking like it doesn't belong there. C'MON.



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