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hi guys! I just recently got this kit from for only 2,500 Yen, about 27 USD, I grabbed the chance because it is kinda rare now. I am really glad that Bandai re-released the 1/60 HG Ex kits. I got the Shining Gundam, God Gundam and V2 Gundam for review.

I really like the accuracy of this kit! the proportions are fantastic and the panel lines are amazing. The kit came with yellow LED but didn't come with battery. The LED requires 2 A23(tentative - I will have to confirm the size first) Batteries, but unfortunately I don't have those batteries around so I don't have the lighted up Energy Multiplier images yet, but as soon as I get some batteries I will update this post for more photos!

I also like the movable V-fin, expandable leg thruster and also the manipulators! The hand is like the manipulator that came with the HG 1/60 Wing Gundam 0 TV ver. it was easy to assemble, all fingers can move, and it can hold the God Slashers very well!

The vulcan guns are amazing! they are pretty engineered and sleek in terms of transformation. you can just pop up the cover of the vulcans on the shoulder then voila, there you have it!

It came with two sets of God fingers but I am disappointed because they are not articulated, unlike the normal manipulator.

The color separation is also amazing. No weight issues, the backpack transforms and it has pilot inside!

core lander is super awesome, it transforms and not really hard to pull out and push back in.

 I used black light to light up the God Fingers and the head cameras.

 size comparison with the old 1/144 no grade God Gundam

 here's a height comparison
pretty big yes?

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