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HG Ex /60 V2 Gundam review by

another old kit review! I've been looking for this kit for long time and finally got a cheap deal from
this kit is amazing in terms of transformation.

I am a bit disappointed on the proportions of this kit, because the shoulders are smaller compare to the body, and the 1/144 version is more proportional to the OVA so that's kind of let down to me. Also, the manipulators are too small compare to other HG Ex kits, it only came with the old hands that doesn't have much articulation.

anyway, I like this kit as a display piece, the articulation is not bad too. I also like the expandable backpack.
The transformation process is really fun! no falling parts except for the shoulder part.

the body only depends on the joints that made for transformation, so you will see some loose joints specially on the shoulder part, it keeps falling when trying to move it because both shoulders are only depending on the hooks from the torso.

I really like the old sets of decals that came with this kit, all the decals feels vintage and fits with V2 Gundam ^^!

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