ROBOT Spirits (Ka signature) Amuro Ray's Dijeh - Release Info

ROBOT Spirits (Ka signature) <SIDE MS> Amuro Ray's Dijeh 
Release Date: September 2024
Price: 15,950 Yen

Tamashii Nations has announced the release of the MSK-008 Dijeh with Amuro Ray specifications and, red and white color scheme. This addition to their Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Ka Signature collection comes with the full supervision of Katoki Hajime, a name synonymous with precise mechanical design within the Gundam universe.

Katoki Hajime's involvement assures that the MSK-008 Dijeh is a work of mechanical art. Hajime, known for his rigorous attention to detail and ability to instill a perceptible feeling of realism in his designs, had an impact on Amuro Ray's Dijeh, as evidenced by its streamlined design and precise craftsmanship. The figure also features exquisite decal placements that add to its mechanical realism, making it a must-have for both collectors and enthusiasts.


4 Types of Replacement Wrist (Left and Right): Allows for dynamic posing and weapon handling.

Replacement Head: Offers an alternate looks for the Dijeh, one with mono eye and one with dual camera specification.

Replacement Binder (Left and Right): Enhances the figure's silhouette and adds depth to its design.

Hyper Mega Launcher & Clay Bazooka x 2: These heavy weapons highlight the Dijeh's battlefield prowess, these can also be equipped on Dijeh's shoulder and backpack when not in use.
Beam Rifle x 2: A staple armament for any Gundam, replicated here with attention to detail.

Beam Naginata Effect x 2 & Pattern x2: Captures the Dijeh's melee combat capabilities, complete with effect parts for dynamic display options.

Beam Rifle Pack x2, Joint Set, and Pedestal Set: These additional components ensure the Dijeh can be displayed in a variety of action-packed poses, supported securely on the included pedestal.


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