P-Bandai: Full Mechanics 1/100 Sword Calamity Gundam - Release Info

P-Bandai: FM 1/100 Sword Calamity Gundam
Release Date: May 2024 [3rd Batch Release: September 2024]
Price: 6,050 Yen

From the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV," a new behemoth has emerged to capture the hearts of both Gundam fans and model kit builders. The Sword Calamity Gundam, a fearsome mobile suit specializing in close-quarters battle, has finally made its dramatic appearance into the FULL MECHANICS GunPla lineup, causing a surge of excitement and anticipation.

A closer look at the Sword Calamity Gundam's exceptional design.

The Sword Calamity Gundam is another example of the fine attention to detail that is characteristic of the FULL MECHANICS series. Specializing in melee combat only, it is a masterfully crafted model that is based on the FM 1/100 scale Calamity Gundam model. Its striking orange and red color scheme represents its units 2 and 3.

The Sword Calamity Gundam is precisely developed, with freshly modeled parts for the shoulders, wrists, shins, and backpack joints that improve its overall appearance and functionality. The wrists have been revised to improve color scheme accuracy, demonstrating the designers' determination to capturing the Gundam's classic look with maximum precision.

One of the model's most notable characteristics is the revolutionary joint system for the anti-ship sword's backpack suspension. This technology provides an unprecedented range of mobility on many dimensions, allowing aficionados to pose the Gundam and its huge armament in a variety of dynamic postures.

The FULL MECHANICS Sword Calamity Gundam comes equipped with an impressive array of close-combat weaponry, each reproduced with new modeling to capture their distinctive designs and functionalities.

15.78m Anti-Ship Sword "Schwert Gewehr": This colossal sword can be mounted on the Gundam's backpack and features attachable beam effects for the blade and grip, allowing for a plethora of battle-ready poses.

Rocket Anchor "Panzer Eisen": Fitted on both forearms, the rocket anchors feature expandable claws and come with special joint parts and lead wires to simulate firing.

Beam Boomerang “Midas Messer”: These shoulder-mounted boomerangs include special beam effects and can be displayed in throwing action using the included action base.
Anti-Armor Combat Knife “Armor Schneider”: Housed in the shins, these knives offer a unique design and can be deployed alongside the shin armor.

To enhance its realism, the Sword Calamity Gundam kit includes identifying stickers with the personal insignia of "Ed the Ripper," alias "Edward Harrelson," who pilots this mechanical giant. This attention to detail deepens the narrative immersion by allowing builders to customize their model with authentic markings.

The Sword Calamity represents an evolution of the GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam, shifting from heavy artillery to a design optimized for melee engagements. This adaptation takes inspiration from the armament philosophy of the GAT-X105+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike Gundam, incorporating a dual-purpose main armament of large anti-ship swords that double as laser cannons. The arsenal is rounded out with beam boomerangs, rocket anchors, and combat knives, diversifying its close-quarters combat capabilities. While it maintains the original Calamity's energy cannon, this weapon has been adjusted to trade firepower for extended use.

To align with its melee orientation, the Sword Calamity underwent modifications to its fire control systems and electronic warfare capabilities. It also preserves the Trans-Phase Armor from its predecessor. Of the three units produced, the first Sword Calamity retains the base color scheme of the original Calamity Gundam on its unchanged sections. This decision was made as the first unit served a dual purpose: not only as a combatant but also as a testbed for further Calamity Gundam variant development under the 'Rebuild 1416 Program.' However, this initiative was eventually abandoned in favor of adopting the GAT-01A1 Dagger for future multi-role mobile suit development by the Earth Alliance.

The Sword Calamity emerged as a melee-focused derivative of the GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam, operated by both Naturals and Combat Coordinators, diverging from the use of Biological CPUs. Concurrent with the original Calamity's timeline, a trio of Sword Calamity units were manufactured. The inaugural unit was primarily for data collection and was subsequently archived. The remaining pair saw action, helmed by Earth Alliance elites Edward Harrelson and Four Socius under Rondo Gina Sahaku's command during the pivotal Third Battle of Victoria, significantly contributing to the Earth Alliance's triumph over ZAFT.

Post-testing, the second and third units were actively deployed. Four Socius, along with his Sword Calamity, were transferred to Orb's Sahaku clan by Muruta Azrael. An attempt on Cagalli Yula Athha's life, under Gina's directive, was foiled by Gai Murakumo in his MBF-P03secondL Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L. 

Harrelson's Sword Calamity engaged in the Second Battle of Jachin Due, where Harrelson decided to turn against the Alliance. Post-conflict, Harrelson defected to the United States of South America. Subsequently, the first unit was reactivated and assigned to Rena Imelia, tasked with pursuing Harrelson. Their confrontation ended with both units damaged and the pilots injured. Kaite Madigan recovered the battered Sword Calamity units for his collection, promising Jess Rabble that Harrelson's unit would be returned upon request.


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  1. wish they had an expansion version. I want to build the unit 1.

  2. 100% buy. The FM kits are amazing and the orange looks great on the Calamity.

  3. Well with this announcement hopfully thats a sign we'll be getting more suits for astray besides another Red Frame varient. PLEASE BANDAI, GIVE US BLUE FRAME SECOND REVISE

  4. Hopefully a Forbidden Blue and Raider Full Spec get made

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