Gundam SEED Freedom Concludes Screening in Japan with Record Earnings of 4.82 Billion Yen

After a remarkable 119 days, or 17 weeks, the highly anticipated film Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom has concluded its screening in Japan on May 23, 2024. The film's domestic run has been nothing short of extraordinary, amassing total earnings of 4.82 billion yen, approximately 30.8 million USD at current exchange rates, from an impressive 2.8 million tickets sold.

To commemorate this milestone, the official Gundam SEED X account celebrated by releasing a special video. The video, which has already garnered significant attention from fans, showcases all the Mobile Suits featured in the movie lined up in a stunning display, highlighting the diverse and intricate designs that have captivated audiences worldwide.

The success of Gundam SEED Freedom has not been confined to Japan. The film has also concluded its screenings in major international markets, including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, and other Asian countries. The widespread appeal and positive reception of the movie have solidified its status as a global hit.

Fans in European nations can look forward to the film’s arrival in June 2024, as the Gundam phenomenon continues to spread across the globe. With its compelling storyline, spectacular animation, and the beloved Mobile Suits, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom is set to leave a lasting legacy in the Gundam universe. 


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