P-Bandai: FW GUNDAM CONVERGE CORE Big Zam & Core Booster - Release Info

P-Bandai: FW GUNDAM CONVERGE CORE Big Zam & Core Booster
Release Date: July 2024
Price: 5,995 Yen

To commemorate Gundam's 45th anniversary, the Gundam CONVERGE series extends with the reissue of the 2020 "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE EX29 Big Zam & Core Booster", now under the Premium Bandai's "CORE" label. This little figurine depicts one of the most iconic scenes from the Mobile Suit Gundam series in an artistic and detailed style that will appeal to collectors and fans alike.

The latest version has an upgraded color palette that is directly influenced by the movie's depiction, as well as metallic painting and intricate marks that highlight its sleek form. One of this model's most notable characteristics is the freshly sculpted foot sections, which lend an added level of realism and authenticity to the copy.

The EX29 Big Zam & Core Booster's dynamic display capabilities are a key selling point. It comes with an anti-aircraft missile and a dedicated display stand that allows enthusiasts to show off the model in a replica of its ejection state, adding drama to the exhibition setting.

It includes a pair of spectre projection effect part figures that vividly depict the "Last Stand of Big Zam" episode of the anime as seen in the film "Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space." These effects, inspired by Dozle Zabi's grudge—an impressive and haunting theme in the movie—are crafted with luxurious specifications that enhance the overall aesthetic.

  • Soda flavored gum
  • Big Zam
  • 2 core boosters
  • 2 Dozle Zabi's grudge spectre effect parts
  • 2 core booster clear display stand
  • Big Zam display stand
  • 2 extra feet (no claw)
  • 2 Feet claw action stands


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