"A SCENE" and "STRICT-G" To Launch Collaborative Gundam-Inspired Mobile Accessories

In an exciting new venture, the gadget accessory brand "A SCENE" has collaborated with the Gundam clothing retailer "STRICT-G" to create a unique line of mobile pouches inspired by the legendary "Mobile Suit Gundam" series. The cooperation is the two companies first combined effort, and it aims to combine the sophisticated world of Gundam with everyday tech items.

"A SCENE", recognized for its unique gadget accessories meant to improve the smartphone experience, offers its knowledge to this collaboration. The brand's devotion to quality and utility ensures that its items are not only fashionable but also highly practical for everyday usage.

The cooperation was launched with a teaser video released on "STRICT-G's" official X platform, which sparked excitement among Gundam fans and tech enthusiasts alike. The movie hints at the next goods' designs and functionality, exhibiting precise craftsmanship and Gundam-inspired thematic elements.

Two types of smart mobile pouches have been announced as the first products to emerge from this collaboration. These pouches are meant to appeal to a wide range of interests, with strong protection and original artwork inspired by the popular anime series.

More information about the products and their availability will be published soon. Fans are invited to check back for updates and get ready to incorporate a piece of the Gundam universe into their daily life with these inventive accessories from "A SCENE" and "STRICT-G".


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