Bandai Hobby Unveils Plans for Gundam NEXT Future Project Celebrating GunPla's 45th Anniversary in 2025

As the world of Gundam continues to develop and captivate fans around the world, Bandai Hobby has unveiled big plans for the GNF (Gundam NEXT Future) project in 2025. This program will honor GunPla's 45th anniversary with a series of thrilling events and launches that reflect the Gundam series' rich past and bright future. This event will involve all 47 prefectures of Japan, beginning on June 8, 2024, and culminating in the spectacular celebration of GunPla's 45th anniversary in 2025.

The celebrations begin with the introduction of the "ROAD TO 2025" project, which involves the display of 1/12 model "RX-78-2 Gundam" statues. Standing 1.5 meters tall, these statues will be displayed in a unique color scheme marking the Gundam series' 45th anniversary. This version, known as the "EARTH COLOR Ver.," intends to connect fans' thoughts to the globe on a worldwide scale, from Japan to the rest of the world, using earth-motif coloring and marks.

In honor of the legendary series, Bandai Hobby will hold a Gundam Series 45th Anniversary Exhibition. This event will showcase characters from the series' most iconic clashes, providing spectators with an in-depth look at the Gundam universe's rich history. A collection of dioramas inspired by the real-life giant Gundam statues in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Fukuoka, as well as new product presentations, will enhance the experience.

The "Gundam Connect Box," a two-meter-tall Runner Retrieval Box, is a unique addition to the events. This installation, which includes an LED screen that plays a video when runners enter it, is designed to provide fans with a one-of-a-kind participatory experience. Furthermore, the box will act as a platform for displaying fan thoughts given on social media, with more information to be disclosed in the future.

Bandai Hobby has launched the GunPla Recycling Project to encourage sustainability in the GunPla community. This campaign will provide a free "Ecopla" trial kit and a special item made from recycled runners. The project promotes the importance of recycling by facilitating the collecting of runners at the event venue and encouraging people to bring runners from Bandai Spirits items for recycling.

Last but not least, the "GUNPLA EXHIBITION" is a pioneering new project in collaboration with GNF that will take place in select locations. This project provides Gunpla Circles with an exciting opportunity to showcase their Gunpla at a particular place within GNF. The exhibition intends to highlight the Gunpla community's originality and passion, offering a platform for builders to share their work with a larger audience while also celebrating the craftsmanship of Gunpla together.

This statewide tour, promises to be an extraordinary celebration of GunPla's legacy. It aspires to unite the Gundam community by spreading the fun and creativity of GunPla building from Hokkaido to Okinawa. By spreading the event to fans around the country, Bandai Hobby assures that everyone can celebrate GunPla's 45th anniversary, making it a truly inclusive and unforgettable experience for both old and new fans.

As Bandai Hobby prepares to commemorate the 45th anniversary of GunPla, the Gundam NEXT Future project marks an important milestone in the series' history. This effort, which bridges the past and the future, not only celebrates Gundam's legacy but also lays the way for new developments and relationships within the fan community. Bandai Hobby is preparing for a celebration that Gundam fans all across the world won't want to miss, including exhibitions, interactive installations, and a focus on sustainability.

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