P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Gundnode - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Gundnode
Release Date: June 2024
Price: 2,420 Yen

Premium Bandai announces the addition of the Gundnode, the mobile suit-type Gund-bit that appeared in the final episodes of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury series.

The Gundnode model kit is a work of art in terms of design and craftsmanship, provided with an entirely new mold that perfectly preserves the legendary unmanned mobile suit form. The use of clear elements for the shell units throughout the suit results in a beautiful visual portrayal of the Gundnode's exquisite details. Additionally, the model includes foil stickers that imitate the brilliant red and blue light-emitting states of its shell units, bringing the mobile suit to life.

The Gundnode model's notable feature is its moveable back binder, which allows builders to reproduce the mobile suit's light emission state and data storm deployment. This enhances the model's realism and adaptability, transforming it into a dynamic complement to any display.

The Gundnode is also known for its powerful arsenal, and this model kit does not disappoint. It includes new models of the mobile suit's armaments, such as the Beam Rev Rifle, which can be converted into a beam machine gun mode with a simple barrel turn. The model also includes beam blade effect pieces that can be connected to the forearms, giving it a more combat-ready appearance.

To further immerse builders in the setting of "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury," the model kit contains effect elements that recreate the data storm network. Fans may replicate one of the series' most visually stunning sequences by altering some backpack components, particularly when connecting many Gundnodes.

Despite its intricate design and plethora of features, the Gundnode model is surprisingly simple to assemble, making it suitable for builders of all skill levels. Its design ensures a wide range of motion, allowing for dynamic action postures that depict the mobile suit's agility and power throughout the series.


The Gundnode units, integral components of the ambitious project led by Prospera, were designed to ensure the creation of a new world tailored for Ericht Samaya. These units were strategically housed within Quiet Zero, a pivotal structure in Prospera's plan.

In response to the Space Assembly League's (SAL) decision to dismantle the Benerit Group by force, a patrol fleet from SAL was dispatched to seize control of Quiet Zero. This initiative was taken after SAL declared its intention to intervene in the conglomerate's affairs. However, the fleet encountered unexpected resistance as Quiet Zero had been activated, unleashing the Gundnodes. These unmanned mobile suits proved too agile and advanced for the SAL's Cargores, leading to a tactical disadvantage for the SAL fleet.

The situation worsened when the Aerial Rebuild launched a massive data storm network, including the Gundnodes to expand its Override capability. This strategic operation effectively neutralized the SAL fleet by disrupting their Permet links, leaving them unprotected and eventually resulting to their annihilation.

A second assault by another SAL fleet revealed the creative usage of the Gundnodes to generate a powerful electromagnetic field. This field used Lorentz force to deflect the fleet's beam strikes. Adapting, the fleet turned to guided missiles, only for the Gundnodes to improve the Aerial Rebuild's Override domain once more. This enabled the hijacking and redirecting of the missiles back toward the fleet, resulting in catastrophic losses and a forced withdrawal.

In another display of tactical prowess, Ericht used the Gundnodes to generate Lorentz force, thereby shutting off Lagrange 1's Interplanetary Laser Transmission System. This sequence of events emphasizes the Gundnodes' important role in achieving Prospera's agenda and safeguarding Ericht Samaya, demonstrating their technological superiority and strategic value in the face of interstellar battle.


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  1. More Gundam shaped drones! I got 3 Gundvolvas, I might get 3 of these too

  2. sold out just a few mins after released.... very annoying! Why not regular release?
    Also, is there a channel where we can voice our requests so that Bandai can know that these things are in demand?

    1. I wouldn't worry too much. There will be at least one reissue not too long after.

    2. drones, pre-ordered by drones. I will be waiting for the US pre-order opening. Pretty sure it would be within the week.

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